American old-time music typically uses the five-string open back banjo. It is played in a number of different styles, the most common of which are called clawhammer (or "claw-hammer") and frailing, characterised by the use of a downward rather than upward motion when striking the strings with the fingers.. So when you choose Epiphone’s MB-100 banjo, you’re getting an instrument with a wealth of banjo-making savvy buit in. Epiphone MB-100 Banjo Features: A lightweight, affordable open-back banjo. Mahogany body and neck; Remo head. 26.25″ Scale; 1.25″ nut width. Rosewood fingerboard with dot inlays. Gold Tone 12” open back banjo - $450 (Caro) Gold Tone CC- Bob Carlin open back banjo. It’s in excellent condition. I bought it new a year ago to get back into playing and only played it a couple times. It never even left the house. Check out the Gold Tone website for more info. It. Hybrid-17. Hybrid-18. Hybrid-19. Custom quality built maple19 fret open back tenor banjo with a host of features. The three piece neck is built from maple with centre ebony strip and ebony heel cap. Mahogany headstock with floral mother of pearl inlay and MOP trust rod cover. Rosewood fretboard with fancy floral position markers, white side. "/> Banjo open back
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